Choosing Right fragrance in Terms of Concentration and Notes


verytime I go into that fragrance section into ShopperStop I get confused with what fragrance to buy. Even after going into some specialized perfume shop it gets really hard to choose the right fragrance but that at-last get solved with my choice or one of my shopping companion’s choice but what I get confused for is how much will the fragrance last after you apply it. So here I’ve come-up with some great facts which will help you choose the right fragrance next time you go shop.
Well choosing the right smell is your personal choice but here we’ve a quick tour designed for you to take you through the different types of fragrances in terms of concentration and notes.
Coming to the point of concentration, always keep in mind the stronger is the composition the longer it remain on your body.

Choosing the right perfume

The most common types available into the market are:
Perfume oil – With 20-30% perfume oil it stands as strongest concentration
• Eau de Parfum – 15-20% concentration.
• Eau de Toilette – Having perfume oil strength between 5-15%.
• Eau de Cologne – Gets formulated with perfume oil with 2-5%.
• Eau Fraiche – Perform oil strength of 3% or below.
• Aftershave or Splash strength – Weakest concentration between 0.5 to 2%.

Next are the notes which could tell how long a perfume lasts. There are in all three notes which makeup the overall scent of the fragrance.

Choosing the right perfume
1. Top Notes/ Head notes: Light fruits (berries), herbs (lavender), citrus (lemon) etc. all comes under top notes which lasts between 5 minutes to half an hour. Head Notes Evaporates very fast.

2. Middle Notes/ Heart Notes: Heart Notes last longer than To Notes and takes around 10-30 minutes to settle it all. Nutmeg and Rose could be the finest examples for the same.

3. Base Notes: Base notes along with the middle notes makes up the fragrance and get settle within 30 minutes. Base Notes can last up-to 24 hours. The best examples for base notes can be wood, oak-moss and vanilla.
So here you know what to ask the sales person next time you go shop some fragrance for yourself.


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