How to Dress for First Date?

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Date, an occasion where people always want to look the best they can. It is a compilation of some precious time of a person’s life where one can find their love of life. It is just a moment but stil it is so special than of dates which you eat. Well if one is used to it then it may seem normal to them but yes for those having their first date want to give something more than what even they accept from themselves. It is all they are surely going to remember in their future.

Well if taken it as practical you can’t change yourself, your confidence, your personality but you can any change your looks to the best. Looks is the only thing you can work on before going to your date because rest of you is already going to be taken within. It is not that you need to wear a Manish Malhotra’s to look fab. at a date but its far more than that.

So may be this article may help you look best –

  1. Keep in mind LOCATION

    Are you going for a candle light dinner, or a coffee shop ; a picnic spot, or a terrace restaurant. Decide dress as per the location of your date. So here are some tips what type of dress to wear –

  • If you are going to an evening date at a restaurant having a great romantic ambience you should wear a LBD with heels suiting you and a decent makeup.
  • If you are going to any picnic location like lakes or famous places or a coffee shop it would be nice to wear a normal dress with a light make up on which can make you a little more good than you are in your normal routine.
  • Wearing heels should be comfortable for you and put make up which doesn’t look too fancy.
  • It is beneficial to give your own touch to whatsoever you are wearing.
  1. Remain in Comfort

    You are not going for any type of competition or a fashion event that you need to be a lot more trendy. You don’t also need to try things you have never done or testing a new style in the market.

  • All you wish would be to have a nice talk on a date without messing up with what you have wore.
  • Be as simple and acceptable to your dress as you can.
  1. Be You

    Well you are on your first date and you need to impress the person in front of you being as much effective you can.

  • There is nothing on this earth which can look good than being you, you are the actress of your life and the person you’ll meet may become your co-actor.
  • Just remember to keep calm and be you and indirectly you become unique.
  1. Touch up yourself

    You need to make everything look proper but within that you also need to concentrate on some of few.

  • Make the best feature of yourself highlighted by anyway and the best way.
  1. Cleanliness is the Best Policy

    Remember everyone of us like people who remain clean and take the best care of themselves.

  • Take a warm bath, have a shower, clean your mouth or you can have a mouth freshener too and just relax yourself.
  • If you are wearing sleeveless dress don’t forget to clean your underarms.
  • Give a fragrance to your body but keep it as light and seductive as you can.
  1. Final Touch

    So here you are almost ready to go for this one. Now you can add up more to you but remember everyone likes decent girls when they are dating for a serious purpose.



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