Wearing Breton Strips From Pajama Party To Candle Light Date?

Breton Stripes La Faddist Everything You Need To Know About Fashion

Not to lie, but French have countless things to say about fashion. Yes! We’re talking right because when we went to see the history of the stripes, we were surprised with the fact the the Breton stripes were originally comes from France. The striped shirt was originally a uniform for naval sailor and was designed with a motive to distinguish sailor from the waves. Since during that time all the navy from France use to hail towards Brittany and so the shirt was devised as ‘Breton Shirt’. While the ships were hailing to and fro there came Coco Chanel to take an inspiration for her 1917 nautical line. Chanel came up with a Breton Shirt for ladies to starkly contrasting with flared trousers. These trend became famous as popular corseted dress look for women. With times during the 1950s and 60s the French cinema started using vertical and horizontal stripes and till date the stripes are considered as a must-have into the wardrobe.

Here we’ve came up with you the best stripes to wear for pajama party to candle light dinner:

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