“Women call nudity fashion”, the Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi says

Women were allegedly molested and jeered on Bengaluru's famous MG Road on New Year's Eve

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Bengaluru, India: New Years Eve is supposed to be a night filled with champagne, romance and excitement. People celebrate the night with their beloved welcoming new year with the best laid plans, but the last night of 2016 was a nightmare for some women out in Bengaluru.

Bangalore Molestation Latest news

Bengaluru (also called Banglore) is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state. Banglore is considered as center of India’s high-tech industry, and is famous for its park and night life. Just like the people out in other parts of the world enjoy New Years Eve, there were women who went out to celebrate the night but it turned out to be the night of shame. During the New Year’s celebrations on December 31, a photojournalist from a local newspaper alleged that he had seen several distraught women approaching cops and complaining about the molestation and lewd remarks from ruffians. Despite the women running behind local cops and holding their feet to help them out the police refused to take any complains from their and refused to help.

Bangalore Molestation Latest News

Since the incident happen, the media have played its role to bring out truth before the public which made several politicians and officials coming out with shocking and impassive statements.

The Samajwadi Party leader MLA Abu Azmi accused the fashion as the cause for the incident.

Here is what he said on the incident:

  1. The party leader states that women tend to wear no clothes and go nude out on street imitating the westerners saying it as fashion.
  2. There should be strict action against those going against Indian culture.
  3. If a girls celebrates after dark she should accompany her husband, or father and not any strangers.
  4. Women call nudity as fashion.
  5. Westernization is a black spot on the nature.

Girls were groped, pawed and abused by the party-goer despite the 1,500 policemen deploying the area. Seriously is it because of fashion that such incidents happen or its something else?!




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