18 Ways To Have Fun With Your BOOBS

18 Ways to Have Fun With Boobs breast bra sex sex tips boob girls

Do you get some extra attention there from the men out? Well because your boobs are sexy and make you look pretty damn good; whether you’ve them small, big or in-between. So if the world is giving them a special attention, you should too. We’ve rounded up 18 smart, trivial and funny methods you can have fun with your boobs. You’ll love all of them:

1. Get Them Wet

Though we’re not referring this to wet T-shirt contest, but you may try it as well. Making your boobs wet while fondling with them will not only create an arousal; and make your nipples hard but also if you use hot water onto it will end up making your skin super sensitive.

2. Lather Them Up

Now you’ve got some arousal so why not relax into that bath and have some lather using moisturizing body wash, this will also prevent you from irritation you’d be having because of that dry skin on your boobs.

3. Blow Some Air On-to Them

Now you’ve made them wet and played with them for long into the bath; instead of toweling them why not blow some air for a change. This will not only give you a whole lot of sexier feeling but also prevent from towel related irritation.

4. Name Them

Kate Upton reportedly calls hers “The Ladies”, prolly you can do better than that.

5. Let Them Free

You’re going wrong if you were expecting to dress them. Let them free. Relax. Have Fun. Once in a while giving them some freedom will not harm you, make sure you don’t have nip-slip (or even if you do, enjoy.) It’s fine to be nasty at times.

6. Take them for shopping

When was the last time you went for shopping keeping just them in your mind? Never! Or maybe it would’ve  been long. Go! Go Baby! Go! This time go shopping specially for them and try some new styles.

7. Boost Them Up

OK, so you can’t actually make them bigger with exercise. And we don’t even suggest to fake boob, but you can always make them perkier.. Try some bust-enhancing workout to tone the muscles that lie underneath.

8. Make them Confident

You can always look gorgeous with you natural assets. You don’t need to spend millions on some cosmetic surgery which could even ruin your features, being totally human is fine. Your body is really beautiful, don’t set some insane impossible standards.

9. Neglect your nipple – just for sometime

Turns out to be that your nipples aren’t most sensitive part out there, keep in mind that the area above your areola could give you instant mmm-inducing pleasure. Tease it between 10 and 2 o’clock) or when you’re not busy.

10. Or don’t

Love your nipples! Even have them look more intense with some piercing. Yes it won’t hurt you a lot and will even end up making your nipples more sensitive and beautiful.

11. Have nipplegasm!

Yes- this term exist and it’s really fun to have it. You could have it at night, just learn the right tricks.

12. Touch Yourself

Everything needs some extra-love and what other thing can show love than touch. Fondle them every day, and have a self-examination.

13. Gaze them!

Research says that every man and even woman spend more time looking at breasts than faces. So why not give some attention to your parts itself?

14. Make a date with oil

Massage them up with oil or even moisturizer, may be every morning. This will not only make them look prettier but will also give lots of self-satisfaction.

15. Love every line of it

Come on! Stretch marks are formed because of genetics and it’s fine. They disappear with time. So don’t just hate them because of it and if they’re really screwing you up. Try some tactics which will prevent you from having them and erase them.

16. Check them out having sex

Research says, girls can actually increase their size when aroused. Also your nipples will get a bit darker due to increased blood flow, this will not only make them more sensitive but also sexier. So don’t forget to watch them next time while having sex.

17. Give them freedom overnight

Get on some silky sheets and ditch your top for the night. This will give amazing luxury feelings and you might even experience some sexy dreams. Try it out! Experience is speaking!

18. Don’t miss a chance to stare them

Be it when you’re bathing or just having a glimpse in mirror; having sex or just fondling it up. Stare every bit of their reaction. You may end up getting addicted doing that and it’s a fun thing to do.





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