7 Natural Ways To Lighten Dark Underarms

Dark underarms tips to not have them

Do you get embarrassed with your dark underarms and ignore wearing those smart sleeveless tops in Summers?Does that sleeveless top in your wardrobe goes unwearble in Summers? Dark underarms is a matter of concern for all of us, and more dicernible for people with fair skin. You might have tried those creams and other theraphies to get rid of dark underarms but all you need to know are given below secrets and you may possess enviable underarms being at your home. No more theraphies, no more visiting to salons; or no more rubbish creams just some normal remedies.

Let us first understand why do we get dark underarms?! Well sweat, that one of the problems but they are caused because of many other reasons like friction with rough fabric, shaving of underarms, chemicals like bleaching, using excessive or cheap deodorants etc.

Well we know that above all whatever could be the cause, just follow the below metioned seven steps and you’ll see the results.

1. Rub A Slice Of Lemon On Your Underarms Twice A Day.

2. Coconut Oil Have Many Benefits. Massage Coconut Oil In Circular Motion For Five Minutes Before Every Night You Sleep.

3. Apply Baking Soda After Every Bath. These Will Help In Getting Desired Results.

4. Thrice A Week, Apply Mixture Of A Tablespoon of Curd, Some Gram flour, Milk And A Pinch Of Turmeric Powder. Leave It For 15 Minutes And Rinse With Warm Water.

5. Don’t Shave. WAX! WAX! WAX! It Removes Dead Skin Along With Hair.

6. Prepare Paste Using Alum Powder And Mix Powder And Apply It On Your Armpits. Leave It Until It Dries And Rinse With Warm Water. Apply This Every Alternate Day To See The Desired Results

7. EXFOLIATE! Just Like You Exfoliate Your Face, EXFOLIATE YOUR UNDERARMS.


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