Being Iconic – The Dramatic Fashion Personality


“People will stare make it worthwhile”  – Harry Winston

We often come across fashionable people who make their mark at the very first impression. We often find the charismatic yet stylish personality friendly. So what makes the person so poise yet so trendy? Probably, this question has crossed your mind several times. At times you might have even tried following the latest trend but failed drastically. Don’t fret and beat up your brains. Just read on.

From where did she get that?

These dramatic fashionable persons are always out to make a statement by what she wears, how she wears, and how well she carries herself. She can make even a black t-shirt look gorgeous by throwing some necklace around her neck or simply by wearing boots. She lets her dresses do all the talking and turns head. This is the moment when you ask from where she got that!!

Always remember every style icon has a style of her own and the most dominant part of the style can be the colors she chooses, the type of accessories she goes by or the type of dress code she maintains.

She will never go out of her line and this where she makes her first mark. Additionally, some people also follow a mood board code which means she dresses according to the occasion and makes it specific that it is suitable.

Unique fashion wardrobe

This drama queen always seeks out unique and unusual fashion accessories which are visually appealing yet exotic. If you look at her wardrobe, you will find it has got much more diversity. This is because she follows trends and adapts the trend according to her comfort ability. We often hear the term “I wear that makes me comfortable and suits me” Now, this is a very broad term. Nevertheless finding such dress is a chore but worthwhile.

She will be classic yet there will be always a bit of drama in her style. Designer’s pieces, unique and statements accessories are must for such dramatic dresser. Now, to burst the myth bubble, these people are not always fond of labels and designer collections, they have an eye for what is unique.

You never know she might wear her latest party dress from the thrift store and look gorgeous in the party. This type of personality celebrates fashion doesn’t blindly follows it. Surprisingly you will always find one part of her dressing always a centre of attraction.

Mixing and matching

This is where most of us go wrong. Always remember less is more. Most of us try to overdo a dress by adding more and more to it. At the end it just gets mixed with the crowd. If you are going for neutral and nude look, you must keep everything minimal and go for accessories that are light. You should also give special attention to your shoes.

Do not put on boots just for accessorizing. Moreover, never be afraid of bright colors and bold prints. Unusual prints can create the most drama if worn properly. For this you can consult a personal stylist or a personal shopper online.

You might think that’s you can ask the salesperson to help you out but a salesperson will be selling you the latest trend and not giving you fashion advice. This is how a personal stylist is different. It may be a pinch to your pocket but it is worthy of changing your outlook.

Statement and Tribal Jewelry

This style queen will have more architectural accessories with exaggerated structure as her fashion jewelry rather than the usual ones. Her jewelry pieces will be very unusual and creative. She embraces the look of tribal and junk jewelries and pairs it with single tones t-shirt or dress. Boom! The look and style are attained. She will be as enigmatic as an Egyptian goddess and a charming smile on her face.


This is where we give the least attention. We tend to carry our daily bags with every outfit. You should not commit this blunder!!! You must not carry your usual day bag and massacre the look. Instead have one or two neutral shades handbags or sling bags. They can make your look.

Make – up not Made – up

Make-up is a very important part of looking magnetic. Very clearly, your make-up should look natural and not a hard made-up. Do not overdo on both the lips and the eyes. Enhance the best part of your face. You should contour the cheekbones and the forehead.

Additionally, make up according to the time of the day and the event. You can go heavy on eyes and dark colors at night but bright red or electric pink is a no no in the broad daylight. Keep it minimal at the day. Do not forget to select sunglasses according to your face. The most important of all never ever leave your home without sunscreen.

The other aspect of it – which you don’t know and they don’t show

These iconic girls follow a lot of discipline that you don’t follow and they are obviously not going to share their secrets. Face it no one wakes up like a doll. Every beautiful things needs work and to be a style icon will require your time, discipline and patience.

Fashion has no size. True. You may be XS or XL but you must take proper care of yourself. By care I mean you must work out regularly and have proper diet. If you do not follow a proper lifestyle nothing can make your skin glow. These fashionable girls hit the gym and follow proper diet, she didn’t became the white swan all in one day.

With a crazy lifestyle even you are following a proper fashion, the style will not bloom through you. Maintaining oneself is an art and to be the fashionable icon of your social surroundings you need to practice discipline.


When you give priority to yourself it will show through your dressing and that is the art of being iconic. Do not follow trends fashion blindly but twist and bend the trend according to your specifications.






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