Shimmers And Sequins – BLING it on !!!


Sequins have again made a big comeback this Autumn winter. Not only they portray style and enigma but also it instantly lights up one’s look. The dim yet reflecting light are catching eye details for the onlooker. Nevertheless, a sequin dress is all time classic and the safest attire to bring on the glitz and glamour, in subtle feminine way.

Why best out of the rest?

Shimmery dress comes in an array of styles. The material and the texture of the sequin can vary. The texture, the linen and the threadwork may be different. Depending on the type of look you want, it can be designed in a fluid manner like a long gown.

It can also be designed in a playful top keeping the basics in mind. It is advised to wear minimal or no accessories when you are flaunting this dress. Additionally it can be also sewn in a tasseled out tapestry style.

Peek a boo!

Let us have a look at the designs. Sequins can be illustrated in a wide variety of designs. Starting from floral patterns, to geometric shapes it can incorporated in various styles. Taking your taste and the event into consideration, you can also go for textured sequin clothing.

These textures are subtle and playful. Therefore it can be worn in the morning as well. Thus, it can produce a striking contrast of light and glitter. Additionally, after a long hectic day you can also party with the same dress on. Isn’t it a cherry on the cake??Want to down tone it? You can always pair them up with blazers and coats.

Makeup and accessorizes

Sequins give a royal look. Therefore, it is always advised to have a make-up that will go with the clothing. You should use a highlighter to highlight your facial features and do not forget to put a red lipstick. Go little neutral yet ombre on the eyes. Dramatic eyes may look good but wear it according to the event.

Less is more for accessories. Your sequin is you accessory. It is recommended not to overdo it. Depending on the length of the dress you can wear boots and short blazers. However, do not wear junks. Instead go for sleek chains around the neck and tops in your ears. Viola! You are ready to make the heads turn.

Types of Sequin dresses

The most common yet versatile sequin is the golden sequin. It goes with every color skin tone. Silver sequin are also making headlines for their silvery and more enhanced look. It goes well with wheatish to olive skin. Copper and nude sequins are also coming up. Both these colors look rich and goes well with fair tone.


Lastly you should pick your shoes very carefully once you have made your choice. Refrain from using too flashy shoes. Keep the shoes simple. Go for blacks, browns and nudes.



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