Gender Neutral Line Gets A New Add on From Zendaya


Zendaya just dropped her second collection for her fashion line Daya by Zendaya and it truly is clothing for everyone.

Not only is the line gender neutral but it includes a size range from XS to XXL and the pricing is affordable with pieces ranging between $18 and $54.

After launching her debut line in November 2016, the twenty-year-old actress paid attention to the response she was getting from very diverse groups of people who were wearing her clothes.

The Disney star decided to expand her line and created gender-neutral pieces to make sure her brand is “inclusive” of all individuals.

During an interview surrounding her new collection, Zendaya told People:

“I wanted everybody to feel like they could wear it. I want it to feel inclusive and gender neutral.”

The young fashion icon also made sure that the style, fit and even the colours of her fashion pieces would compliment everyone who wore them. She told People:

“There was this one copper color that I was obsessed with because I felt it looked so beautiful on everybody’s skin tones.”

She went on to explain that her brand is developing in the right way and is starting to truly reflect her intentions and concept for the clothing line: Check it out here



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