Tips for Everyday Style and Fashion

Tips for Everyday Style and Fashion

You can follow these simple tips and resolve your fashion dilemmas. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to stay in vogue. These few styling tips can make any clothing you have look trendy. Styling is about choosing the right colors, fabric, accessories and shoes. Choose the pieces you have in the wardrobe to ensure that your entire look is balanced. When styling yourself everyday make sure that you do not overdo anything.

Match color tones with your skin tone

This is one of the most essential styling tips. Whether the color of your skin is olive in color, medium fair, or very fair, you have to match the colors of the clothes you wear with the tone of your skin. Avoid very bright solid colors if you have an olive skin tone. You can, however wear graphic prints in bright colors. Avoid wearing single or double colored clothes.
Body type and pattern designs

Understand your body type and choose patterns that flatter your curves. You can wear clothes that also hide the flaws on your body. Choose fabrics that suit your body type. For instance, if you have a heavier lower body, do not choose non woven fabrics as they highlight the flaws in the body and make you look unflattering. You can also choose to wear high waisted clothing if you have such a body type.

Accessories as per the trends

You don’t have to go by the fashion bible and stick to the trends for every piece of clothing. However, while accessorizing stick to trends. If you are wearing an old piece of clothing, choose accessories from the list of trending pieces available. Use belts instead of metallic sashes for your sheath dress.

Bags and shoes

Carry a bag and wear shoes as per the occasion. You cannot carry a large tote to a party. That is a major fashion faux. Clutches are ideal to be carried along with you for a party. Wear shoes that suit the clothing as well as the occasion. Wear shoes, boots, strappy sandals, flipflops, but avoid knee length boots altogether.

Hairstyling and makeup

Keep your everyday make up to a neutral tone. Style your hair as per the length and avoid elaborate braid and hairdos for your everyday styling. Choose a simple styling technique and make variations. Wear bright red if you are bold enough to carry it. Avoid dark shades of eye shadows unless you are working in a  fashion firm. Use a light perfume and choose makeup that is not over the top and garish. Even though orange and yellow colors are in vogue avoid them for your make up.

Design an everyday wardrobe capsule

This is essential as it takes lesser amount of time and lets you dress up stylishly. You can mark 10 pieces from your wardrobe that you can mix and match, and wear them everyday. You can also use older style of clothes as dressing in the 80’s and the 90’s style is still in.


These are the simple fashion tips that you can follow and get the best of the styling for the outfits that you have in your wardrobe.


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