Future Group Expands Its Fashion Portfolio Into Oman

Future Group

Mumbai, India: Future Group have taken an immense step to expand itself into the evolving country Oman by planning to take-on the fashion market through its well established brand fbb.

The company have recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Oman based company known as Khimji Ramdas LLC. Both the parties are looking forward to invest 75 crores making it an overall investment of 150 crores, and also the sources confirms that Khimji Ramdas is looking to sell the food products manufactured by Future Consumer Ltd. with this deal.

The retailers will be launching into the market through intial opening of four-to-five stores ranging between 15,000 to 20,000 square feet each. The stores are planned in a manner to-be successful in a similar manner how the group got success into Indian markets.

We have not built revenue expectations yet, but are looking at the Indian diaspora around us and whether we can build a market around that.

-Kishore biyani, Chief executive officer, future group ltd.

The is always having an eye towards other overseas market and looking for a good partnership deal.




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