7 Relatable Beauty Blogs You Should Follow If Heavy Instagram Make-Up Is Not Your Thing


In 2017, make-up blogs are everywhere on the internet. You cannot browse Instagram or Facebook or YouTube without coming across a beauty blog. However, despite this widespread presence of beauty blogs, not all of them are useful to us, or provide advice we can all replicate in real life. Most of them, in fact, are the source of heavy make-up tutorials that are fun to watch and replicate in the wedding season, but useless otherwise. However, there are some low-key bloggers, who are the go-to people for those of us, who are sick of Instagram-style complicated make-up! Here, we list our favourites.

J Kissa

Dramatic and almost gothic, J Kissa’s make-up tutes are unlike anything else you will see. Light on foundation, but heavy when it comes to colour, J Kissa uses make-up as a tool to play around with, not to hide under. If that’s your thing too, follow her for the most uniquely colourful beauty looks you will find.

Robin Black

Beauty Is Boring, the blog in question, documents photographer and celebrity make-up artist Robin Black’s theory that make-up is an accessory. If you like accentuating your outfit with a statement red lipstick, or complete your look with a dramatic swipe of winged liner, the powerful yet clean lookbook on this blog are perfect inspiration.

Valeria Lipovetsky

As low-key as it gets, this blogger’s make-up looks are super-duper simple. To her, less is more. Make the most of all the products you have, and follow her for everyday looks that will help you keep it natural and glowing with just a few basic products! Oh, and did we mention that her peaceful tutorials are the most soothing thing to watch after a long day?

Sara Rostrup

YouBlush, Denmark’s premier make-up blog, belongs to a beauty expert who has worked with big brands like L’Oreal. Despite this, you won’t see clown contouring on her page. No, this is the place for you if you like having a flower child-esque, effortless and super-chilled out vibe to your beauty look.

Tamira Jarrel

The very definition of being well-groomed and minimally made-up, Tamira Jarrel’s channel is one every beauty lover should follow. Focusing on one feature at a time, she keeps her tutorials and her Instagram posts very minimalistic, to the point that even French women probably look her way and wonder how she manages to be so subtle yet bold! The only bad thing about her, is that she doesn’t post often enough.

Vasudha Rai

The ex-beauty editor for Harper’s Bazaar India, Vasudha Rai’s beauty blog is classy, chic, and luxurious in the most understated way. Want holistic skincare advice? This is the place to check out! To add to that, her new make-up videos are super simple, and contain looks that can be replicated by almost anyone for a stylish evening out.

Anne Sophie Costa

Arty yet understated, Anne Sophie Costa’s Instagram is seriously make-up porn for those who want their make-up to look like that of a true fashion girl from 2017-tranquil, edgy, fun, yet uncomplicated. If you want your face to look runway-ready without a crazy amount of effort, this is the blog to follow.

Picture credits: Tamira Jarrel, VBeauty.Co, Instagram.


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