Photos: Melania Trump is Becoming Worldwide Fashion Icon

Photos: Melania Trump is Becoming Worldwide Fashion Icon

Melania Trump has been into the public eye, even before since Donald Trump became the President of United States. Since, she has started living into The White House her influence took a new height which makes Melania Trump, a worldwide fashion icon. Melania Trump is noticed as very active lady since her move into Washington.

The first lady and President Trump have taken a few foreign trips together over the past few weeks — and Melania has been catching everyone’s attention at every turn. While Donald Trump meets with world leaders sending the media in a craze in the political sphere, Melania has been doing the same in the fashion sphere.

Regardless of how you feel about what’s going on with the president, it is impossible to deny that Melania Trump is as fine as first ladies come. Each and every time she is seen in public she is dressed perfectly no matter the occasion.

Here are her best looks from her most recent public appearances.

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