Famous Celebrities And Bloggers Are Shopping Here, And It’s Cheap

Fashion Nova

While you see many uniformly curvaceous woman on Instagram squeezed into tight, strategically ripped jeans, body-conscious velvet dress and lace-up body suits; 90% of them have shopped either day from Fashion Nova. Yes, Celebs, Instagram Models and Bloggers are buying stuff from here, and it’s cheap.

Headquartered in 180.000 sq. ft. at , Fashion Nova is a start-up company based in Los Angeles known for its celebrity inspired; Made in USA online destination to buy the most trendy and sexiest outfit for woman. The brand have made themselves grounded very firm with social media, than having wide-spread across magazines and boutiques. Fashion Nova not only makes mark into the world of fashion digitally but have several physical stores located in strip malls around South California. They have successfully made it possible to attract high-tier celebs like Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian to talk about them.

If you’re one among the 96 million people following Kylie Jenner over Instagram, then you must have already heard about Fashion Nova, maybe even shopped, and they big thing here is they’ve made it so big into the minds of girls out there that they received extreme amount of exposure by social media’s hottest stars.

Obsessed with my @fashionnova set 💜Get it at FashionNova.com 😍 #ad

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This is how Fashion Nova plays into the social media, and does best. They follow more than a million dollar marketing strategy of making the best of influencers out there.They have worked with famous influencers like Baddie WinkleAmber Rose and Blac Chyna to name a few but inactual having a network of more than 3000 influencers ready to speak out the good for them.

“We work with 3,000 to 5,000 influencers,” says Fashion Nova’s founder and CEO, Richard Saghian, via phone in his first public interview since founding the company in a storefront in California ten years ago. “It’s kind of like this ripple effect. The more people shout us out, the more their fans shout us out. Kind of like a viral Youtube video. We’re a viral store.”

All laced up in @fashionnova 🖤 @louboutinworld . . . 📸 @freddylaflare & @functionallynakedphotography #fashionnova

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Ivette Saucedo, a fashion blogger with more than 386.000 Instagram followers told LaFaddist.com,” I was fan of Fashion Nova first and always wanted to work with them. Then one day their representative approached and asked if I would like to model for them, online…and I was happy to join the team.”

Fashion Nova have been using the greatest and the best ever technique to get new customers, called as referral marketing. They have provided promotional referral code to more than 3000 bloggers which you can easily find over a sensible search on Instagram.

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Fashion Nova started with less than 10 employees, and now has a team of more than 200 people. The company have grown at a rapid pace and can be known as one fashion brand after long-time who have raised themselves through the times at such high rate. They now have more than 8.3 million Instagram followers, with mind-blowing fan following among Nova Babes.

The brands’s major appeal is, of course its price point. From amazing dresses, to jeans and shorts and tops and shoes; majority of their items can be found under $49.99. and above all you might not find any of their designs out of trend. In-fact Fashion Nova gives their efforts onto launching more than 5000 new lines every month for their consumers.

🌴SUMMER GRABS🌴⠀⠀ Shop Swimwear👙⠀⠀ ✨www.FashionNova.com✨

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“The Fashion Nova brand as a whole believes that all women should feel both confident and sexy regardless of today’s body standards. Our curvy Nova Babes have always been re-posted on our @FashionNova page as well as our curve page. Unlike most companies, the same products that are offered to our straight size customers are also available to our plus size customers and we strongly believe that our clothing empowers women of all shapes and sizes. We launched our Curve line to become more inclusive with all of our styles and are actively strengthening the Collection. That will soon be represented on our website alongside the straight size models.”

Furthermore, Fashion Nova have also launched ‘Fashion Nova Curve’ for plus-size fashion with amazing collections you could ever find.



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