Celebrities Are Having Butt Make-up

Kim Kardashian Butt Makeup

While we had many of you asking for the right tips for having b**b make-up, we have them something more advanced to it and that’s called butt make-up. Yes, this is essential and celebrities are having butt make-up.

Any celebrity makeup professional can tell you that your relationship with your clients can often be more intimate than that of theirs with their significant others. You know all their deepest, darkest secrets, see them at their most vulnerable, and sometimes, you get to get right up in their bits to put makeup there. You probably can imagine what that looks like, but thanks to Kim Kardashian’s longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, you no longer have to imagine: He’s sharing photos depicting the whole endeavor. and it looks like something being take too SERIOUSLY!

You thought I only worked on the face? 😂 BTS glam from the VMAs today on KKW app. #MakeupByMario

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“You thought I only worked on the face?” Dedivanovic captioned one Instagram, before sharing a couple more shots you’ll see over his Instagram while you scroll. He is pictured diligently evening out her skin tone all over her lower half as she strikes a series of compromising poses.

While you must have imagined many absurd things that goes own behind a red-carpet event and how many things gets wet with all those frizzling effects. We brought you some dry facts happening behind-the-scenes of VMAs and other such events.


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