Lorde’s Perfect Places Features Amazing Outfits


Lorde is no stranger to setting fashion trends. Remember when just about everyone went out and got a nearly black lipstick after seeing her dark lipstick? When her video for “Green Light” debuted, a hot pink dress was basically a necessity. But with her latest clip, for the newly released “Perfect Places,” the singer is trading in body-con clubwear for a wardrobe full of high-concept fashion and, yes, a machete. Girl’s gotta eat, right?
According to Harper’s Bazaar, Lorde’s latest music video channels a bit of Lost and a dash of Rudyard Kipling, and tosses that into a sort of dystopian all-inclusive resort. Though the lyrics state that she can’t stand to be by herself, the visuals prove otherwise, because the badass New Zealander is armed with plenty of artillery to survive her high-fashion castaway adventure.

In the opening scenes, she’s wearing a very practical Jacquemus hat paired with a shirtdress. It’s a bit safari, especially since she accessorizes with a gnarly-looking machete. Ain’t nobody going to mess with her. Less practical but no less impactful is a blood-red coat, which skims the sea foam as she wears it on the beach.

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