Buy FaceKini: China’s Latest Fashion Trend Is Scary


While summer is just about to begin, and you must have already started to thing about your beach shopping. We got you a bizzare from the Chinese Market that is going viral across beach lovers. China’s latest fashion trend is scary; and not only that this can be most terrifying swimwear trend.

We still yet don’t know why people are calling this as ‘China’s most terrifying swimwear trend’. This could be little alarming and attention seeking at first, but the use to it is quite convincing. Face-Kini, is what they call this thing is used to cover the face from sun rays and jelly fish sting. Yes. You Read That Right!

If you’re tired of wrapping yourself with sunscreen or want to keep yourself unrecognizable with sexy out-fit on the beach. Face Kinis are just for you.

Face Kinis are made using nylon material to consider it into swimwear kit and are mostly famous among the Chinese Women. Chinese culture have a mind-set with the skin color and fair skin is considered to represent wealth and beauty. This is how while you want to enjoy sun-bathing and going on beach, this can protect your natural skin-tone.

The Face-kini was invented by a former accountant Zhang Shifan in the early 2000s, and more than 50,000 have been sold in the last year.

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