Indian Fashion Brands Are Finally Embracing Plus-size

Fashion Designers and brands in India is no more moving with an idea to ignore the plus-size consumers and indeed are trying to introduce special labels and collections just for them.

Plus size fashion in India

While we had, FATshinoista being the biggest discrimination into the world of Vogue; now-a-days the scene is changing on quite a rapid pace and Indian Fashion Brands Are Finally Embracing Plus-size.

In the past it was a reality that if you’re not zero, you won’t find branded fashionable outfit or there were very few stores selling them. But in today’s time where competition is too high into the Indian Fashion Industry and the awareness #PlusSize have made, fashion designers have started realizing the huge mass they use to  completely ignore. Thus Indian Fashion Designers are taking notice onto the plus-size segment and adding numerous new collections to it.

Plus Size Cannot Be Ignored, says notable fashion designers like Falguni and Shane Peacock, Monisha Jaising and Payal Singhal.

Falguni and Shane Peacock, who are participating in the fifth edition of the Vogue Wedding Show 2017 luxury bridal exhibition, say that “at times, it seems that the fashion industry really believes all women are the size of those skinny models on the runways”. But that is changing now. “Almost half the women in this country are size 12 or larger, and finally, the clothing industry is taking note. On runways, in stores, even in the pages of magazines, the plus size woman is finally getting some fashion respect – not because the industry has decided it’s okay to be big, but because it can no longer afford to ignore her,” the duo told IANS.

Payal Singhal says the industry is finally acknowledging that the demand for larger sizes – just like the frame – is big. Singhal, known for her celebrity clientele, asserts that it is not only about business. “The fashion industry as a community is coming out to endorse body positive images and that’s great as it’s time we take some responsibility and help women accept themselves the way they are versus the stick thin photoshopped model images they see in magazines,” she explained.



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