Why Victoria’s Secret Models Are Leaving The Show?

Victoria's Secret Angel

New York, United States: When Victoria’s Secret Angels will buzz down the ramp in Shanghai on November 20, we will be missing few supermodels in the group.

While the year-round have come, and everyone’s waiting to grab the high’s of the world’s every-years most awaited Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; there are few supermodels who will no more be spotted on the ramp.

Kendell Jenner, who has spent last two year as Secret’s Angel chooses to leave the way around for better opportunities. Kendall Jenner had signed a deal earlier this year with a luxury lingerie brand, La Perla for several million dollars. Kendell Jenner becomes an exclusive face for the luxury brand, La Perla and quits her take on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

In recent years, some Victoria’s Secret Angels have given up their contract to go after other opportunities — particularly ones that might include fewer year-round commitments or greater financial incentives. Sources previously told the New York Post that while Angels in the early 2000s signed contracts worth millions of dollars, some present-day models only get paid somewhere around $100,000 per show.

As a result, some catwalk queens have chosen to give up the show’s exposure for other opportunities. In 2015, supermodels Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes both chose to hang up their Victoria’s Secret Angel wings to pursue other contracts and, in Kloss’ case, take classes at NYU.

“[Kloss] will be focusing on her modeling career, new business opportunities and NYU starting in the fall,” a source close to the model told People Magazine in February 2015. In the same month, Kloss told Vogue that she would not give up modeling while at school.

“I’ll still be working full-time,” Kloss said. “I’m incredibly ambitious and have lots of goals within my career that I’m not slowing down on anytime soon.”

The former face of the brand Miranda Kerr also chose to stop walking the runway in 2013, telling the Sydney Morning Herald that the time commitment was too much for her.

“I’m just not in a position to commit to a full contract at this time,” said Kerr.“It’s three months at a bare minimum.”

Perhaps some Victoria’s Secret Angels may simply want to test their wings before going back to the coop. Kloss has returned as an Angel for the 2017 show after being absent for the last two years.



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