The Honest Skincare Update By SANDRA HAGELSTAM

The Honest Skincare Update By SANDRA HAGELSTAM

It’s January, the optimist in me is thriving and filled with hope and excitement. After a very emotionally tough few months (… make that a year) I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and looking forward to the new year that is finally here with the best skincare routine.

My enlightenment might be fuelled by a long holiday break which has given me the energy and strength to return to London more optimistic than ever. Never have the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra hit harder than right at this very moment! Equipped with a long list of new plans and ideas, many of them regarding this blog and what I would like to do more of in 2018. Don’t worry, there will definitely still be a strong shoe focus, but I will be going a bit deeper into the beauty and skincare sector, revealing a bit more about the routine that comes before achieving perfect skin and a flawless makeup look.

The truth is my skin is currently in the best state it’s ever been, which is an achievement to say the least, after a cold and dry winter (that still is not over btw…). So what do I have to thank for my skin’s current state? Last year my resolution was to be kinder to myself, which I can proudly say that I, well at least partially, followed through. There were significantly fewer nights that I fell asleep with my makeup on and a big increase in the times where I would find satisfaction in applying masks and play around with serums & skin boosters. Keeping up a healthy, carefree skincare routine is likely what I have to thank for having my best skin to date. Discovering that my oily skin needed more moisture or that facial oil is what keeps the blemishes at bay, let’s just say 2017 has been a learning curve on the skin front. Seeing visible results have been so rewarding, that I’ve gone from an advocate to the biggest fan when it comes Lumene’s products.

Working with Lumene over the last few years has meant I’ve been among the firsts to test and trial the new product ranges. From the game changer, Invisible Illumination, to the Vitamin C enriched ‘Valo’ range, my skin routine now consists of a carefully selected (tried and tested) variety of Lumene’s products that are all built on Nordic ingredients. I am excited to announce that the products are finally available to my UK based readers! Feel Unique now stocks a wide selection the skincare ranges, so here is a post of the most loved products that I use daily.

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