Getting ready With Gillette Venus By Kryzayda


Nothing makes me happier than sharing with you my everyday routines and essentials that work for me. Getting ready with the new Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth by Gillette is a must when my look calls for showing my legs off. Their new razor has a metal handle designed to bring a more premium and efficient shaving experience, , leaving your legs amazingly smooth. Plus it’s beautifully-designed so looks great to show off in your shower or bathroom!

GIllette Venus

In comparison with other brands, I love that Venus understands women and their hair removal needs and the importance of taking care of our skin with high-quality products. You all know that it’s all about skin for me, and Venus is always a part of my essentials anywhere I go! Before heading out I make sure my skin is silky and smooth for a more confident feel whenever my legs and arms are on display.

GIllette Venus

This new Venus Platinum will be part of a great shaving experience if you haven’t already tried it yet. You need to make sure you keep this razor in mind next time you are out shopping for your beauty needs. Check it out on Amazon!


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