How To Boost Your Instagram Without Spending On Ads?

While the new algorithms of Instagram and Facebook are becoming controversial, its time to understand them to avoid the infamous SHADOWBAN.


While Instagram has become a source of bread and butter for some of us including bloggers, vloggers, artists, photographers, designers, marketers, creators, entrepreneurs, and makers with over 500 million active users where increasing real visibility has become a serious problem. In the past social media offered an immense amount of invaluable methods that worked into increasing engagements and creating communities around a brand, it is becoming harder and harder to gain some awesome avenue for exposure these days. While churning out posts and hoping for new followers have become a very out-dated technique to grow your Instagram without spending on ads, and where even well-funded brand or company who already have high reach has to spend tons of rants of money to increase their business, there are only a few possible tips that you could work with to boost your Instagram without spending on advertisement, because honestly, we don’t have a big advertising budget. It’s time to understand the New Instagram Algorithm. 

While Instagram serves to more than 400 million users worldwide, something above the population size of United States, and many other developed countries where the customer base is increasing every other day. The new Instagram Algorithm can drastically alter your feed, and this might affect your organic reach.

So how do the New Instagram Algorithm works?

The New Instagram Algorithm is a positive step taken by the brand that will help your post to remain alive for a longer time. Something more than 24 hours and with longer life comes higher engagements. But just like every good offer comes with a hidden star of “Terms and Conditions”, there’s lot more hidden inside the channel that can be tricked away by using some techniques.

New about Instagram never really makes happy to anyone, yet we have always remained successful to find-out tricks and techniques to boost Instagram without spending on ads. Here are some of the tips which will help you win the game and become the next social media star.

1. Content is The King

While no one will ask you to upload some irrelevant or unmoderated content that might not trigger the interest of anyone, we’d advise you to always remain unique and come up with great ideas that people would love to engage and share.

2. Talk to Become the Talk of The Town

While marketing a business, website, blog or any product has always remained a part-time job and which is why many companies have been hiring VAs (Virtual Assistants) that help them handle the core of digital marketing and increase their over-all digital presence but not everyone would be willing to spend the budget on it. So we introduce you to “15 minutes with Instagram”. The golden window after every post you upload is 30 minutes, which means if a picture doesn’t get a decent amount of traction within the first 30 minutes, or so the followers’ attention goes somewhere else. Thus, you should spend at least 15 minutes to create the initial engagement after uploading every post. The New Instagram Algorithm tends to work in a manner that YOU SEE THE MOMENTS YOU CARE ABOUT FIRST. Now, you know your niche and that could be fashion, technology, style, beauty, trends or any other it is very important to engage with other users. LIKE & COMMENT on some relevant posts related to niche, this will not just trick the Instagram algorithm but also help you gain some real connections. Make Sure The Post Gets Good Amount Of Engagements Just After You Upload It.

3. Live With A Schedule

Instagram wants to show posts that are recent, relevant and follows a consequent pattern. Stop Playing Hide & Seek With Your Instagram Handle. The content that Instagram will show to other users will be based upon their interest into it, your relationship and the timeliness of the post. This means that recent post has higher chances to rank first but this doesn’t end up here, you also need to learn about the best timings for your Instagram handle. Every account has an audience and every audience has some matching characteristics. When these audiences play a role to create engagements for your post, it becomes your responsibility to post content when they are active. You will have to understand the best timings for your account with some personal research that you can make by uploading posts at different times for the initial phase. But these don’t mean you upload them on the same day, spamming your audience feeds.

4. The Art Of Hashtagging

While there are a number of posts floating around with hashtags in particular that are too generic to get noticed. While you hashtag a post with its relevant to the tag you name, it is also very important to know the frequency that hashtag is being on the platform. Let’s say, for example, you are a fashion blogger and you upload any post with #fashion, now this hashtag is already used by 476,618,037 posts and increasing every second. The chances for you to get properly featured before the audience decreases, instead if you use some not so famous yet with some posts related with it and stay frequent into using the same hashtag you might receive better engagements. Hashtag Your Post Wisely.

5. Remain Genuine

While Instagram takes into account hundreds of other factors that increase the account visibility and engagements, yet none of them are really in your hands. Yet you can consider some of the below-mentioned points:

– Don’t Fake.
– Don’t Plagiarise.
And Tag Other Brands If You’re Featuring Them.
– People Engage More With Videos.
– Increase chances of engagements by; Asking Questions, Host Contests/Giveaway, –    Upload Daily Stories as well as GO LIVE ON INSTAGRAM.

Well above everything, the creators of Instagram wanted to create a platform for culture and interaction, not a place to churn out content and give nothing back. Of course, they’re fine with big brands and companies paying them tons of cash for advertising but quality and organic traffic has always remained their goal.


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