Why Kendall Jenner Chose Not To Attend Any Fashion Week?

Kendall Jenner

London, United Kingdom: While New York Fashion Week in the rearview and the fashion set onto London, Milan, and Paris, one may have noticed the absence of the most talked about American model and television personality during catwalks: Kendall Jenner. The supermodel has been noticeably absent during New York Fashion Week and is found no-where since then into other shows as well which are supposed to happen in London, Milan, and Paris. While here whereabouts concerned us as she’s an influential personality into the fashion industry, and her presence during weeks matter so much to the industry and brands. So after quite a while now and with no news about her, she posted a video snowboarding today which made it clear that she chose to trade busy fashion week with torturous shoes and hectic schedules for some good old fun. She chose to not attend any fashion week.

time off ⛄️

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In the video, Jenner is seen zipping down the hills like a seasoned pro-and with serious style too. Captioning the post as,”Time Off” she hit the slopes for a mini vacation in blue and yellow puffer jacket with flame print by Golf Wang, the label founded by the rapper Tyler. Considering the duo as real-life friends – and have been spotted quite a time together in photographs; it is good to see her representing her friend’s label outside of photoshoot setting. And while the puffer is bang-on for a day of winter fun, she paired it with more practical gear such as snow pants, ski boots, goggles, and a very necessary helmet. Because of safety first!


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