“Made in China” Fashion Become Eco-Friendly

Made in China

Beijing, China: While China is one of the largest economies in the world having the highest recorded population if the country takes step towards sustainability, the world benefits.

Made in China

China is the largest textile producing and exporting countries in the world and is seen to be growing at a rapid pace since last two decades. The Chinese textile industry is considered as the main pillar of the country’s economy. As per the reports in 2014, China’s top export good consist of clothes, clothing accessories, textile yarns and articles. During the same year, China’s textile exports were valued over US$110 billion and a figure that replicates to about 35.6 percent of the total global market share. Low cost and high material supply with no or very few commercial barriers are some of the many advantages because of which the country is seeing such high growth in the fashion business.

Six months ago, Liu Lina was aware of her purchasing habits and the impact it could create on the environment, as well as workers producing goods and the overall community. So Lina took a decision to change, a decision to that could help save the planet and now has stopped buying clothes that she suspects might have been produced in sweatshops.

She’s has become a very small part of the bigger picture where middle-class consumers in China have started shifting towards becoming responsible consumers. Environmental and ethical responsibility has been growing at a rapid pace in China’s fashion start-up space and this movement is forming completely new brand philosophy among the fashion businesses. The production practice seems to completely change in a manner to develop and promote sustainable goods, and they are planning to not just focus on expats and foreign markets but promote the overall philosophy inside the country.

“The emerging transformation in the country’s fashion-consumption patterns is the next step up in that evolutionary cycle,” wrote Ben Halder from Ozy. A study on 2018 consumer trends in China suggests 58 percent of correspondents were willing to pay a premium for goods made taking social and environmental concerns seriously.

Neemic, a company established in 2011 with its base in Beijing has been focusing on sustainable fashion and supporting the organic clothing movement since then. While we talked with Neemic co-founder Hans Martin where he said,”During our initial stage, it was easy for us to spread message across into the international market about organic clothing and perceive good response but now since last year and half the Chinese market for organic fashion has been growing and there is still space for new start-up to join the movement.”

Sustainable baby clothing brands are also breaking the new ground in China — much as safer, organic food for children drew the attention of Chinese consumers after 300,000 kids were infected by milk adulterated with melamine in a 2008 scandal that held the nation’s attention for months. Beijing-based sales director Zhao Yunxian says she began considering the sustainability of the products she bought after the birth of her son. “Before then, it wasn’t really a consideration for me,” she says. “I want a better environment for my son, and that can start with where I buy his clothes.” {OZY}

Obstacles remain. The trend is yet to catch on further down the supply chain yet eco-friendly fashion and sustainable clothing could be the best step into the fashion industry that’s going to take into “Made in China” label.



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