Five Key Pieces Of Clothing Every Woman Should Own

clothing for woman

The fashion experts who have dressed Yasmin Le Bon, Emma Watson and Amanda Holden spent months to reveal the five key pieces of clothing every woman should own.

After spending months into examining the trends from the last nine decades, fashion experts revealed five clothing every woman should own.

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.

You either know fashion or you don’t, but even if you don’t have these five key pieces of items of clothing in your wardrobe.

1. Smart White Shirt

Smart White Shirt

A smart white crisp shirt is must have which can be paired with a pencil skirt, jeans or any other clothing and it will look decent enough for your formal as well as casual meetings.

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2. Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg Trouser clothing

All woman should own a pair of wide-legged trousers in their clothing collection which can be worn during every occasion. The wide-legged trousers have also remained famous among office going woman because of the comfort and professional looks that it offers.

Jayne Cady added: “Wearing a glamorous pair of trousers allows you to feel relaxed, confident and sexy.”

“Inspired by Lauren Bacall, these fluid trousers make a woman walk in a more sensual way.

“For those women who are not body confident, this cut is much easier to wear than a skinny design.”

“With these five staple items, women will be able to mix and match to create dozens of stunning outfits, each one with its own chic elegance.”

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3. Boyfriend Jumper

Boyfriend Jumper Clothing

Boyfriend shirt, Boyfriend Tshirt, Boyfriend Jeans and many more that we have loved wearing in the past but Boyfriend Jumper shall remain our all-time favorite and its all about history.

Coco Chanel’s influence can also be felt in the classic boyfriend jumper.

Prior to the 1920s, knitwear and jersey was seen as strictly for military or agricultural use.

But the visionary designer once again bucked trends, and reworked the material into dresses, twinsets and jumpers.

And in ready-to-wear lines, the ‘boyfriend’ term is affixed to any item of women’s clothing which has been adapted from a corresponding men’s garment.

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4. Sophisticated Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt Clothing

A pencil skirt can be tamed with everything.

You can wear pencil skirts in workplace, cocktail nights, date-night, and literally every place.

The Winser London pencil skirt was based on the silhouette of Marilyn Monroe, and is one of the first building blocks women will use to create a simple, smart wardrobe.

It was first introduced by Christian Dior in 1954, and is as relevant today as when it was first revealed to stunned fashion experts.

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby is a fan of both Winser London’s pencil skirt and the accompanying white shirt.

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5. Confidence Boosting DressWindsor London Clothing


“If I had only one dress in my wardrobe, this would be it. The collar and shape of this dress has a slight retro feel, evoking the style of Golden Age Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.”

Confidence boosting dress could be any dress that is signature to your style. A dress that will boost up your confidence every-time you wear it. It can be a white shirt, or little-black dress, or suit or any other piece of clothing.


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